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Series: We Need to Talk

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We Need to Talk

October / November, 2023

Imagine if, in one of your most meaningful relationships (spouse, boy/girlfriend, best friend), you just didn't talk with them very much. Or you only talked with them when you needed something, or were in trouble, or were furious at them. What would that be like? It would not be much of a relationship. Not a good one, at least. We all know that at the core of every healthy, life-giving, and fruitful relationship is one constant: communication. The same is true of our relationship with God. God desires a healthy, life-giving, and fruitful relationship with us. He has spoken to us - and what's more - he's invited us to speak to him. That's what prayer is. And so we need to learn how to do it: We Need to Talk. So as we open up Jesus' teaching on how to pray, that's what we're calling our new series. We Need to Talk. Join us!

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