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Central Builds

building on a rich past for a bright future

Through Central Builds, we aim to build a bright future on the foundation of a rich past. Through your generosity, we will continue to make improvements on our building and property – all for the growth of God’s Kingdom and the mission of the church.

“Central Builds” is the name we’re giving for our fundraising that go above and beyond our normal, operational giving. If you’d like to give towards this effort, simply note “Central Builds” on any check, envelope, or online gift. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, or have additional questions, please contact our Assistant Treasurer, Shawn Blythe.

Below, you’ll find a more detailed understanding of what our current Central Builds project is.



It’s true that Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is meant to provide a home for the ‘birds of the air’ – but he didn’t mean it literally! He was talking about the spiritually lost and homeless – not about real birds. But due to the age of our exterior cedar shingles, actual birds of the air (along with rain and snow) continue to find a home in our beautiful church building. The purpose of this Central Builds project is to remedy this problem for the foreseeable future.

The goal of this current Central Builds capital campaign is to raise $120,000 by 2025. Raising this money will allow us to refinish or replace the exterior cedar shingles on the building, which will protect the building from the elements and from wildlife, while replenishing our restoration fund for future building improvements.

We realize that this number is a big number. But we believe in a big God, and we believe that nothing is too big for our God. So with this campaign, we’re asking God to surprise us as we reach for this goal. Why limit what God can do?!?

We also know this will take the continued generosity of the men and women of Central (and friends!). The church has already displayed a rich, 130 year history of such generosity, and we are aiming to simply continue to build on that.

Please take time to consider and pray about how you might be generous to help Central build. To give towards this project, simply note “Central Builds” on any check, envelope, or online gift. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

For the sake of God’s Kingdom, let’s take care of our ‘birds of the air’ so we can take care of the ‘birds of the air’ that Jesus actually meant!

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