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Sundays at Central


Sunday mornings at Central are a great time connect and reconnect with God, find community, grow and learn, and be built up for God’s mission in the world. We have Central Kids during the service, and some coffee time afterwards to get to know one another.


We know that visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating, so please check out the F.A.Q.s below so that your visit is as easy and comfortable as it can be!

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We know you've got questions, so here's some


What are Sundays like?

On Sunday mornings, the worship service starts at 9:30 and is about an hour long. Kids get dropped off before the service, and picked up afterwards (see below for more). In a typical service, there are words of welcome and prayer, then we sing a few songs (a mix of contemporary songs and traditional hymns), have a pastoral greeting and prayer, time for giving, and then hear a 30-35 minute sermon before closing with a final song.  On the first Sunday of the month, we share communion together – which all are welcome to take (see communion F.A.Q. for more).

Directions? Parking?

Central is located on the corner of 3rd Ave and E. Highland Ave, right in the heart of Atlantic Highlands (use 28 E. Highland Ave. for navigation apps). Our building is pretty distinct (and over 125 years old), so you can’t really miss it. We’re pretty much right behind Carton Brewing and Municipal Hall (if you’re familiar!).


We have a small driveway on the “driveway” side of the building (opposite E. Highland Ave.) that we reserve for our more elderly visitors, so feel free to park there if that fits your physical condition. There is always on-street parking available, as well as a gravel lot at 15 E. Highland Ave with plenty of parking.


There are a handful of entrances that you can use.  The main entrance is on the corner of 3rd Ave & E. Highland. If you are physically limited, there is a handicap ramp on the driveway side of the building. Feel free to utilize that. If you have kids, the best entrance to use is the driveway entrance.


After the service, we have a time for coffee, tea, desserts, and more (sometimes much more!). It’s a good time to get to know some people at Central, and a nice way to connect. Don’t feel obligated to stay and hang out, but we’d love to get to meet you!


There is absolutely no dress code, we promise! You are free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. For reference, most people wear casual clothes, while a few wear a tie. For further reference, the pastor sports an untucked button down with Vans.

What about communion?

Whether you grew up in a particular church or not, communion (the Lord’s Supper) can be a bit confusing for newcomers.  Here at Central, everyone is welcome to participate in communion because we believe that Christ’s death was for everyone. That said, if you have not put your faith in him, it’d be a sort of ’empty-ritual’ to participate if you don’t believe – and we don’t want to promote empty rituals!


At Central, communion is a celebration of Christ’s death for the world, as we remember him in the way he told us to: through a meal. The procedure will be explained each communion Sunday, so please don’t feel nervous going into it!

Am I Expected to give money?

While we believe that giving towards the mission of God through a local church is part of what following Jesus looks like, new visitors are never expected to give. We never want anyone to feel pressure or obligation to give, though you are of course free to if you so choose!

If you'll have children with you on Sunday,

Welcome to Central Kids!

Find out what you need to know here.

If you have children, please come in through the driveway entrance (on the opposite side of the corner/Highland Ave). If you go in another door, we’ll make sure you get to where you’re looking to go!


When you first arrive, you and your kids will go to the Kids welcome area to check in. You will be directed where to bring your children from there.


Once checked in, most kids will go directly into the Central Kids room (called the Kraft Room) for big group welcome, songs, and opening activities. If you child is less than 24 months old, they’ll go directly from the Kids check-in to the Nursery.


After big group ends, 2-3 year olds will be walked to the nursery, the Pre-K/K class will be walked upstairs to their classroom, and the Elementary class will remain in the Kraft Room.


After the end of the worship service, all children will be picked up from the Kraft Room, or from the Nursery.


On Sunday mornings, the kids will be welcomed, sing some fun songs together, and then break up into age appropriate classes for crafts, lessons, and activities.


We utilize a curriculum called Grow, which focuses on teaching the basic story of Scripture to help children “grow” in their relationship with and knowledge of God. It integrates fun videos, in-person teaching, games, and more. You can find out more about it here.


We know that your kids safety is at the top of your priority list, as it is for us as well. We make sure that all of our teachers, volunteers, and Kids leaders are background checked, as well as vetted by an established leader at Central. We train our leaders on fire evacuation and other emergency situations, and in a post-Covid world, we take health precautions seriously.


If you have any concerns or questions, or if there are any allergy issues, please contact our Central Kids director. Please feel free to ask/discuss any issues on Sunday morning as well with our Kids check-in team.


You bet you can help. Central Kids is staffed by volunteers within Central, and we’d love for you to help out! It’s a great way to get more connected, but more than that, it’s a gift to be able to be with these little ones!


Contact our Central Kids director for more information.

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