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Imagine, for a moment, that you were retiring from a career, or moving out of a town, or leaving a church community, or even just moving on to a new phase of life. If you could write a farewell address, what would it say? What would you want to say about your time there, that you’re now leaving behind? What impact would you be leaving behind in your wake?  Or, what would your legacy be? In the men’s bible study this morning,

Yesterday, the women’s bible study got (re)started for the new year. It was great to be back with some of the women from Central, praying and studying Scripture together. If you’re a woman and are free from 10:30-12:00 on Tuesday mornings, we’d love to have you!  This week, we picked up where we had left off before the summer in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 14 (I promise we’ll finish Mark eventually!). One of my favorite stories is in that chapter:

September is here, football starts (tomorrow!), it still feels like summer, and…school is starting up! If you have kids in school, if you’re a teacher, or if you remember having kids in school, it’s always a busy time of year. There’s a lot of energy, anticipation, anxiety, tears, and everything in-between.  So as we did last year, let’s start off this year right…with prayer.   Jesus said that we should concern ourselves with these “little ones” (Mark 9:36-37, 42) – so as

This is a tough one to write: summer is almost over (and yes, I know we have local summer still!). But seriously, before we get into it, I invite you to pray for the folks in Florida who are enduring another damaging hurricane – especially those people who are most vulnerable, unable to help themselves, sick, elderly, and so on.  Now the the Psummer of Psalms is over, I want to take a moment simply to reflect a bit on the

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