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On Monday, I was reminded of something that we all need to be reminded of at times:  People are great.  Like, when you really get to know a person – most people – if not all - are great. But so often we don’t get to know them, and so we misjudge and miss it. I was reminded of this on Monday at a funeral that I had the privilege of being a part of. It was for a woman named Courtney who was

By Rebecca DeLucia, Next Generation Pastor Over spring break last week my 5 year old nephew came to visit. We took him to the Planetarium and the show we saw was about two kids searching for answers about space. Questions ranged from, “How far away is the sun?” to “What is it like to be an astronaut?”  The final question they needed to answer was, “What makes Earth so special?” It cutely used the answers to

Hello! I hope you’re staying dry and cheery in a week that is wet and dreary (ok, that’s enough rhyming…).  Last Sunday was Easter – and it was a great one! Our own service was lovely – as was our Good Friday service. It was so nice to be with you to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord.  But I want to just highlight the sunrise service for a moment. If you didn’t brave the alarm clock to get

A guest blog by Shawn Blythe There may be no more poignant reminder of the ways by which we cross paths with our Savior than the story of Simon of Cyrene.  His intersection with Christ was unlikely and under the most unimaginable circumstances. Cyrene was approximately 800 miles from Jerusalem – a journey that would take approximately one month to complete by land.  It was a pilgrimage that was likely only undertaken a handful of times over the course of a

A guest blog by Shawn Blythe The events of the Thursday before the crucifixion centered around the Passover meal that has come to be known as ‘The Last Supper’.   The events of that evening were among the most momentous events in all of history was going to happen but, apart from Jesus, no one—not even those directly involved—had a clear understanding of the implications.   While we typically focus on the attendees of the meal, there are a number of others who

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