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As I said in last week’s Central Thoughts blog, we’re in the middle of a Sunday series on Paul’s letter to the Philippians – and we just don’t have enough time to talk about everything. Last Sunday, for instance, I ended the sermon by talking about Phil. 3:10 and how all Paul wants is to “know Christ and the power of his resurrection” – and explained how Christ’s story IS our true story, and when we know Christ, we become transformed by the power

On Sundays, we’re in the middle of a series from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. We’re looking at a few different moments where Paul tells us things we “need to know” to have a faith that can survive and thrive in the midst of a challenging world. Unfortunately, however, we don’t have time to look at every last verse (or else the series would be VERY long!), so we have to skip over a few things. I want to highlight one thing

A guest blog by Rebecca DeLucia, Next Generation Pastor Have you ever met someone whose faith is so astounding it leaves an impression on you, maybe it even challenges you? I imagine that Rahab was one of those people for the two spies in Jericho. She certainly ought to be for us, as we read her story in Central Reads today. The Israelites had just wandered the desert for 40 years because of their lack of faith in the God whom they saw first-hand

A guest blog by Shawn Blythe. They are seven short words buried in the middle of I Corinthians that are very easy to overlook.  After extolling the Corinthians about divisions in the church, wisdom and sexual immortality, Paul begins chapter 7 with the statement: “Now, for the matters you wrote about . . . “ We are very used to reading the letters in the Bible as one-way correspondence from church leaders to the churches.  We are less familiar with communications in

This last week or so was a busy one. We had the Juneteenth Celebration at St. Paul’s, our first Summer Hang Out at the Sandbox, Onwards & Upwards on Sunday, and a wild power-knocking-out storm (the church lost a few roof shingles…not too bad!).  What a week!I want to remind you that this Sunday is our next All In New Members Class.  If you’re thinking of becoming a member at Central, looking to learn more about the church and membership, or

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