Bible Download Time

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As you hopefully know by now, we have launched our Central Reads bible reading plan for 2024 where together as a church we will spend time reading Scripture, asking questions about it, and growing together. I (Rebecca) am excited for it. But I am even more excited about this:

It has also reignited our family ‘download’ time.

When our kids were little, Danny and I would read them a Bible Story before bed – but as they got older and schedules got busier, we fell out of practice. Then during COVID we had the time again – but they were older, we realized they could develop Bible reading habits of their own. So we developed a monthly ‘sticker chart’ for Bible reading. Each day we would mark if we had or had not read our Bible. Then at dinner or before bed we would ‘download’ what we read to one another. We would talk about the stories, the thoughts, and the questions we had that day. It got all of us in the habit of reading the Bible daily – and the honesty of telling one another when we hadn’t, and the why – not to condemn one another but encourage one another the next day. 

I remember one night I said I was just too tired that day to read my Bible, I kept falling asleep when I had time to try. The next morning Luke went into the kitchen and brought me a cup of coffee. He was creating space and encouraging me to wake up and read! It was a sweet gentle reminder that each day is indeed new and that we aren’t in this being a Christian thing alone. 

After a month of sticker charting our Bible Reading each one of us had a full week of reading, each of our discussions got better and better, and our relationships grew closer together. We kept up this habit of ‘downloading’ for quite a while – then life happened and it moved to once a week, or seasonally during advent. Just last month we were wrapping up our advent reading and Jacob asked what we were going to do next. It hit me, we can do the daily reading plan – together, as a family. 

It’s January 3rd and I have loved our ‘download’ time starting again.

We’ve gotten questions as simple as, “what is a physician?” to conversations about Anna (who apparently was an unknown figure!) and the importance of prophets in the Bible. Not only has our ‘download’ time started up again – but so has our encouraging one another to read the Bible – walking out the door at 7am I heard a “don’t forget to read for today! Love ya!” from Luke and a “I’m not reading that genealogy” from Jacob (guess what I’m talking about tonight!).

I want to encourage you whether it is daily time with your family, a spouse or parent, a nightly text to a friend, an encouraging exchange on Sundays about what you read this week – be intentional in this time.

Form a new habit to read the Bible, not on your own – but together!

Encourage one another if someone falls off and give yourself grace if it is you. Talk about the stories, what you have learned that is new, what you were reminded of, how it ought to impact your life, and ask questions. I have a quote pinned above my desk that reads,

“Questions are an invitation into relationship.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions this year and see how your relationship with others and with God is transformed in new and amazing ways. 

I’m looking forward to growing together with you. 
 In Christ,

Rebecca DeLucia
Next Generation Pastor

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