Religion Services August Gazebo Worship Services!

August Gazebo Worship Services!

For Sundays in August, we’re going to take our services outdoors to the Atlantic Highlands Harbor Gazebo (right at the end of 1st Ave, on Simon Lake Dr.)! Why not take advantage of this beautiful town, our beautiful harbor, and a beautiful summer?

The services will be at 9:30AM on Sundays in August, complete with music, classes for children, as well as bagels and treats for afterwards. If there is inclement weather, we will move the service back indoors at Central. We’ll let you know about that decision on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The services will also be livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook, as usual.

In August, we’re going to ask the question, “What if Jesus was serious about why he said he came to be with us?” Too often, we are guilty of saying that we take Jesus seriously even though we don’t act like it – and it gives people the impression that maybe Jesus wasn’t serious. But what if Jesus was serious? How different would the world be? How different would we be? What would our faith and our lives look like if we took him as seriously as we ought? We’re going to explore all of this in August.

Depending on the weather, it could be a little hot and sunny out there. We recommend dressing appropriately, and bringing water, sunglasses, sunblock, maybe one of those big fun shady hats, and so on. There’s always a breeze down by the water, but the sun is still the sun!

We’d love for you to join us. And we’d love for you to invite friends and family to them. It’ll be perfect for them.

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