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Series: What In The World?

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What In The World?

January / February 2023

The Church. There aren’t too many ‘organizations’ that can cause so much hurt and confusion on the one hand, and so much hope and healing on the other. It’s gotten a pretty bad wrap for some pretty bad reasons, as well as a pretty bad wrap for some pretty good reasons. And yet at the same time, so many people miss the good it has done in the world, and the good it still has to do…the good that Jesus has called it together for. And so in our new series, that is the question that we will ask and answer: why the Church? Why did Jesus choose to continue to work in the world through people like us? Why do we exist? What is our purpose? What is our mission? Or, as the series is titled, “What in the World” are we here for?

Messages in What In The World?

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