Bible More on the Tree of Life

More on the Tree of Life

On Sunday, we kicked off our series called “Between The Trees: the story of scripture and the 5 trees that tell it”. It’s a series that sums up the entire story of the bible, through the lens of these 5 important trees.
The first message in the series was about the Tree of Life: a tree that is found in the Garden of Eden, and that gives renewed life to any and all who eat from it. In the sermon, we focused on God’s original intention for the world (and humans in it) as told by the tree – but the truth is, there is so much more to the Tree of Life. 
But rather than have me write about it here, I want to invite you to watch this excellent short video about it (again, from the Bible Project) – and see how it is a theme throughout scripture:

I encourage you to check out the other resources at the, and to keep on reading the bible with us this year!

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