From the Pastor's Desk On this (not so) beautiful day…

On this (not so) beautiful day…

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, crisp, early fall day. It’s beautiful outside, isn’t it?!? It’s a great day to get a cup of coffee, walk outside, or sit in the sun with a friend. Try to do that today, and enjoy the beautiful day that God has given us. It’s an opportunity to thank – and worship – God in a different way. 

But, today is not beautiful for everyone. Florida is getting pounded with a dangerous hurricane as we speak (as Cuba and other Caribbean countries have already received). They are facing, literally, a “furious squall” (you may remember that from last Sunday – and if not, check out the sermon here…it is fitting for a day like today!). So let’s take some time out of our beautiful day to pray for people whose day is the complete opposite.

Feel free to pray your own prayer, use this as a guide, or anything in between:

Our Father in heaven, we know that you make rain fall on the just and the unjust – and today, it is falling hard on so many in Florida. 

As our hearts are burdened for those in Florida who we know and love, please keep our friends, family, and loved ones safe in those effected areas. Unburden our hearts, and help us to entrust our cares and concerns completely into your loving and gracious hands. 

We want to especially lift up to you all those who are most vulnerable in those areas: those who are unable to evacuate for physical or mental reasons, those who are elderly or who are sick, those who have mental illnesses or limitations that prevent them from seeking safe shelter, those who are too financially limited to mobilize and evacuate, the children whose care-givers put them in unsafe conditions (knowingly or not), and those who have made unwise decisions about evacuation. We pray for their safety, and for their protection as they weather the storm.

We also lift up all of those men and women who are providing search and rescue efforts, who are responsible for evacuations, who are providing health care through the storm, who are working on active fire and police squads, and who are caring for others. Give them safety, wisdom, and strength in the storm. 

We ask that you would show yourself to those who trust in you – and to those who don’t.

We even ask that these prayers would be unnecessary because the storm would be less impactful than it currently looks!  Still the storm today as you did that day that you were asleep on the boat!

Show us how we might be of service to you and your Kingdom on this day. Let those in the storm, as well as us, be reminded that you are in the boat with us, you care for us, and so we can trust you entirely.  

In Jesus’ mighty name we pray,

I encourage you to continue to pray for Florida today, as well as those effected in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other countries. 

Thank you,

Matt Agresti
Pastor, Central Baptist Church

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