I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, crisp, early fall day. It’s beautiful outside, isn’t it?!? It’s a great day to get a cup of coffee, walk outside, or sit in the sun with a friend. Try to do that today, and enjoy the beautiful day that God has given us. It’s an opportunity to thank – and worship – God in a different way.  But, today is not beautiful for everyone. Florida is getting pounded with a dangerous hurricane as

That's what Paul said in Acts 16 to a prison guard who was about to take his own life. Paul's voice, interrupting the guard's darkness, saved the man's life. I know that's a heavy way to start, but I want to write to you today about something that is both very heavy, and also very important. As I mentioned in the sermon on Sunday, last week I heard about a young victim of suicide from Middletown North. She was 14 years old. While I

Wow. Thank you. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying this beautiful late summer day. We don’t know how many of these we’ll have left this year, so enjoy it! So – as I said in last week’s Central Thoughts – Sunday was a BIG day: we switched service times, re-launched our Greeting Team, switched how Central Kids works, and had a kick-off day picnic. And I have to say: it was a great day. From what I’ve been hearing, the service time switch went

What do we do with 'new'? Well, this is a big week. This week, we make the new shift to 9:30AM for both the worship service and the new Central Kids Sunday school. We’ll have a new greeting team in place, as well as some new technology for Sunday. You also may not know it, but we have a brand new website ( The Women's Bible Study is kicking off a new year this Tuesday at 10:30AM. And - I'm still

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