This Sunday, if you don’t know, is what is called Palm Sunday. It’s the Sunday before Easter, where across the world, Christians celebrate the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a King. We give out palms in order to remember and represent the palms that the people spread out on the road as Jesus rode into the city.  It’s supposed to be a Sunday where were celebrate him as King, as they celebrated him then. But there’s something so interesting

When I type the word “membership” into Google, after the dictionary definitions pop up, the very first entries are about Costco, Planet Fitness, the National Restaurant Association, the American Medical Association, and so on. These are all stores, gyms, associations, or clubs that you join (either by paying or by earning your way in), and once you are “in”, as members, you are entitled to all kinds of benefits (2% back on all purchases, a squeaky clean and spacious gym,

In the men’s bible study this morning, we looked at the 5th chapter of Acts. In it, the apostles are arrested by the high priest and thrown into prison because they keep talking about Jesus in the temple and surrounding areas. They’ve been told NOT to talk about Jesus there, and as his witnesses, they can’t help but speak of what they’ve seen and heard (4:20).  Then, something amazing happens: an angel breaks them out of prison and tells them to “Go, stand

On Sunday, I spoke about – and challenged us – to “be great”.  And by “great”, I didn’t mean what we typically think of as being “great”.  I meant “great” in the way that Jesus showed us and leads us on: Compelled by great compassion, we are called to be a great commission people, in the way of the great commandment. But if we want to “be great,” there’s two more “greats” I want to mention to you.  The first, by way of warning.

I hope you’re doing well on this second Wednesday of Lent. Lent is the season where the church traditionally looks back at Jesus’ journey to the cross in the final days of his life, as it looks ahead to his resurrection at Easter. I’m not sure what Central has done historically in regard to Lent, but this year, we’ll be looking at Lent through a different and very particular lens: love.As I introduced last week, this Sunday we’ll be kicking

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