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Kids, Youth, & Prayer

Hello Central Baptist friends and family…happy February! I love snow, so I loved seeing that little dusting this morning.  Let’s hope for more!

This Sunday, we held our Annual Business Meeting to put a bow on 2022 as we look ahead to 2023 and beyond. I want to thank you all for participating in the meeting in whatever way you were able, whether in person or not.  I want to reiterate my gratitude for all of those who serve on the boards of the church, as well as you who serve in many other ways! Special thanks need to go to those who served as chairs for their boards, and whose terms are now up: Larry Russel, Jean Koeppel, and Josh Greeley. Thanks again! The new boards are all updated the website (though some chairs are not yet decided). 

As I said at the meeting, I am excited, hopeful, and optimistic about our future – working together for God’s Kingdom throughout the Bayshore region. As we’ve been talking about on Sundays, we have an important calling towards the Bayshore: to share the good news of Jesus Christ (the free meal for a hungry world!).

While we don’t yet have the shape of a precise vision for our future, we know that it will continue to involve reaching the next generation with the good news of Jesus. That’s why, as we unanimously approved in the meeting, I’m excited to announce that we are officially welcoming Rebecca Delucia as a member at Central and a new member of our staff. She’ll serve in the role of Director of Central Kids and Youth (view her bio on the web), and she is excited for this new part of our journey together. 

Here’s some thoughts from her:

The other day I told one of the moms at school that I was working in a new church. When she asked about the church, I told her, “it isn’t the biggest church, but the people have the biggest hearts. They really love God. It’s woven into their character and they really care about the future of the church.” It’s looking at that future that drives me: the future of the Church – the fate of the Next Generation. I am so excited to be working on staff at Central, to together be praying and participating with you all in the work of building up God’s Church, to be thinking about discipleship of both kids, students, and families, and to be thinking about the community – not just bringing them in, but the best way to go out and serve them. And the most wonderful thing is: the future has already started. God started doing His good work at Central from the very beginning and I am excited to be a part of that ‘future’, a part of that good work; at Central, throughout the Bayshore and for His Kingdom. 
I’m thrilled to have her ‘officially’ join us in this capacity. I’ve known Rebecca for over a decade now, and have worked on a church staff with her before. She has an infectious love for kids and youth, a tireless drive to develop and improve all areas of ministry, a big heart for the lost and broken, and a sharp mind. But the greatest thing about her is her faith: it is deep and wide, grown in the soil of both great highs and lows, and is a strong witness for us all to share in. We will be better for her being with us, and more importantly, those who are not yet with us will benefit even more so!

Please join me in officially welcoming her!

In the spirit of prayer that I’ve talked about again and again on Sundays and in our Central Thoughts, I want to invite you this week (and beyond) to pray for Rebecca and for all of our teachers and youth leaders, for our Kids and Youth ministry, and for God to connect us with kids, youth, and families who – like we all do – need to be filled with the good news of Jesus Christ.

As we’ll hear about on Sunday, God has called us – and is calling us – to big, important, amazing, earth-shattering, life-changing work – to God’s mission here in the Bayshore! –

but no work is more important that our first work: prayer.

So please, this week, next week, beyond: pray for our Central Kids and Youth ministries, and for their impact in our world.

Thank you,

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