From the Pastor's Desk Our Amazing Capacity

Our Amazing Capacity

Like so many of you, I woke up this weekend to see the news reports of the horrors taking place in Israel, and subsequently, in Gaza. As I’ve read the reports and have seen the images coming out of the terrorist attack and resulting war, 

I am reminded of humanity’s amazingly horrible capacity for cruelty. 

In the women’s bible study on Tuesday morning, we prayed for those involved in the conflict – and then went on to study the bible. We happened to be reading Mark 15 – the chapter where Jesus is unjustly condemned to death, flogged to within an inch of his life, and then emotionally and physically abused with great effort from his abusers. 

I was again reminded of humanity’s amazingly horrible capacity for cruelty. 

But, on the other hand – we also looked at Jesus…who could have returned violence with worse violence. He could have called down legions of angels to fight for him. He could have reigned down fire. He could have wiped the floor with them. But he didn’t. He received their violence with a greater purpose in mind: the reconciliation of the world to God. It’s why he was sent…for God so loved the world…

When I look at Jesus, I am reminded of humanity’s amazingly deep capacity for love.

May we be people who look to Jesus as our guide, our model, our Lord. May we be people whose hearts are shaped by his heart. May we be people who make peace where there is conflict. May we be people who are known by love – like how Jesus loved.  

After all, it’s what we were made for, it’s what we were saved for, it’s what our faith is for – as it is the fruit that the Spirit grows in us.

May we be like Jesus, and display even an ounce of his amazingly deep capacity to love.

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