During the time of Jesus (and his teaching of the Lord’s Prayer), it was common for sons to learn the trade of their fathers – to be apprenticed in their father’s vocation – so that as they grew, they could follow in their dad’s footsteps, learn the trade, and essentially, establish their vocation in life.As New Testament scholar and theologian, N.T. Wright, points out in his book “The Lord and His Prayer”, for Jesus to address God in prayer as “Father”

If I’m being honest (and I always try to be…sometimes a little too honest!), I’ve never been great with prayer. I pray, and I am ok with it - but it’s never been a ‘strength’ for me. I’ve known people – maybe like you – who are great with prayer, as they have rich, deep, filling prayer lives. That's so awesome.   But it’s not natural. And Jesus knew it.  It’s why he had to teach us to pray. In fact, in Luke’s

Like so many of you, I woke up this weekend to see the news reports of the horrors taking place in Israel, and subsequently, in Gaza. As I’ve read the reports and have seen the images coming out of the terrorist attack and resulting war,   I am reminded of humanity’s amazingly horrible capacity for cruelty.  In the women’s bible study on Tuesday morning, we prayed for those involved in the conflict – and then went on to study the bible. We happened

Yesterday I got the chance to attend the Orange Tour, a conference which brings together thought leaders from all over the country to discuss doing ministry both for and with the next generation. This year the conference was called "See you Tomorrow" and focused on how we can help kids and teenagers build a faith that will last, how we can help a generation become confident enough to keep following Jesus even when their expectations are not met, because "tomorrow

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