I hope you’re doing well on this formerly miserable/foggy day, now beautiful/warm/sunny day.  The weather can be unreliable at best.  Thank God He is not. As we heard on Sunday, God is completely faithful.As I said at Sunday’s Quarterly Business Meeting, I am excited about where Central is, and where it’s going. I am excited about the progress we’ve made together to ‘open’ our doors more and more to those who might not have a church home, and who are

I hope you’re doing well on this very-fall day. Chilly out there this morning! I wanted to use today’s “Central Thoughts” to remind you of some things, as well as let you know some new things. First, some quick reminders: Central Youth is this Tuesday at 7PM (spread the word!), we’re giving out BIG candy bars on Halloween (so sign up to help on Sunday at the back of the sanctuary, and bring in your big candy bars this Sunday!), and choir practice is tomorrow night. 

In life, we all form some view of God. Whether or not we even believe in God, there’s always some view, some image, some idea of the God who we do - or don’t - believe in. Right? We’re not born with it. It’s not something that is innate in us, nor obvious, nor instinctual. We need to learn it, be taught it, and really, have it revealed to us (by God Himself!).  When you reflect on your life, where did your

I hope you’re having a good day as we finally emerge from the multiple days of rain that were the remnants of Hurricane Ian. Please continue to pray for the people who have been effected by the hurricane, especially for the vulnerable and for the men and women who are giving of themselves to help, heal, and restore. Pray that God would give them strength, perseverance, and hope. This past Saturday, I attended the annual gathering of the American Baptist Churches

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