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In life, we all form some view of God. Whether or not we even believe in God, there’s always some view, some image, some idea of the God who we do - or don’t - believe in. Right? We’re not born with it. It’s not something that is innate in us, nor obvious, nor instinctual. We need to learn it, be taught it, and really, have it revealed to us (by God Himself!).  When you reflect on your life, where did your

I hope you’re having a good day as we finally emerge from the multiple days of rain that were the remnants of Hurricane Ian. Please continue to pray for the people who have been effected by the hurricane, especially for the vulnerable and for the men and women who are giving of themselves to help, heal, and restore. Pray that God would give them strength, perseverance, and hope. This past Saturday, I attended the annual gathering of the American Baptist Churches

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful, crisp, early fall day. It’s beautiful outside, isn’t it?!? It’s a great day to get a cup of coffee, walk outside, or sit in the sun with a friend. Try to do that today, and enjoy the beautiful day that God has given us. It’s an opportunity to thank – and worship – God in a different way.  But, today is not beautiful for everyone. Florida is getting pounded with a dangerous hurricane as

That's what Paul said in Acts 16 to a prison guard who was about to take his own life. Paul's voice, interrupting the guard's darkness, saved the man's life. I know that's a heavy way to start, but I want to write to you today about something that is both very heavy, and also very important. As I mentioned in the sermon on Sunday, last week I heard about a young victim of suicide from Middletown North. She was 14 years old. While I

Wow. Thank you. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying this beautiful late summer day. We don’t know how many of these we’ll have left this year, so enjoy it! So – as I said in last week’s Central Thoughts – Sunday was a BIG day: we switched service times, re-launched our Greeting Team, switched how Central Kids works, and had a kick-off day picnic. And I have to say: it was a great day. From what I’ve been hearing, the service time switch went

What do we do with 'new'? Well, this is a big week. This week, we make the new shift to 9:30AM for both the worship service and the new Central Kids Sunday school. We’ll have a new greeting team in place, as well as some new technology for Sunday. You also may not know it, but we have a brand new website ( The Women's Bible Study is kicking off a new year this Tuesday at 10:30AM. And - I'm still

It’s that time of year. You can feel it: school is restarting.  Being married to a teacher, and having 3 school aged kids – it’s impossible to ignore these days! Whether you’re a parent of young ones, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, neighbor, teacher, administrator, lunch aid, or whatever else – you probably feel it too. There’s supplies to buy, schedules to work out, lunches to prepare and pack, post-summer tears to dry, and summer reading to cram in. With school

In last Sunday’s message, we heard about what Jesus means when he said “I am the resurrection and the life” right before he raises Lazarus from the dead in John 11.  If you missed the message, check it out here – and be sure to read the passage as well…it’s an amazing story! This coming Sunday, we’ll hear about what Jesus means when he says “I am the way, the truth, and the life” in John chapter 14.  In-between chapters 11

This morning at our Men’s Bible Study, we got into the 8th chapter of the Gospel of Mark. It’s kind of a strange chapter, because it begins with ANOTHER “feeding of the multitude” story. In Mark 6, we JUST read about the first “feeding of the multitude”. What’s the deal? Did Mark forget he JUST told one of these? Do we really need two of them, especially so similar – and so close to one another?   In Mark 6, Jesus takes five loaves and two fish,

I hope you’re well.  We just had a great early evening of prayer here at Central on our “front porch” for Prayer on the Porch, and Sunday we enjoyed a great kickoff to our Good News at the Gazebo concerts.  I encourage you to attend both of those events next time, as they are well worth your time. I want to also take a moment and especially thank Kelly Taylor for opening her home this summer for “Prayer by the Pool”.

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